Path to move forward

Maryland PTA has advised us that the HHES PTA can and should determine its own continuity plan as an independent corporation consistent with our bylaws and Maryland law.

Our bylaws say that all officers who did not had their replacements elected or appointed simply continue their terms into the 2020/2021 year until an election can be held. It also says that the board members are permitted to meet electronically. It is not possible, however, to hold general elections electronically.

This gives us a path to move forward:

Step 1: Board members may vote to appoint officers to open positions.

I’ve reached out to the 2019/2020 officers to hold an online board meeting in three days (the minimum notice required). At that meeting we can vote to appoint replacements for President, Vice President, and Secretary. 

Two members have expressed interest in a leadership position. We need at least one more volunteer to fill out the board and allow Brittany, Ashley and Jessica to officially depart.

Step 2: Call a special outdoor membership meeting for a formal election and budget.

Once the new board is in place, we will call a special meeting outdoors with proper distance and masking to have a formal election and approve a temporary budget. We need at least 10 members present at this meeting — so please email in suggestions for the best time and place.

At this meeting (and prior to it) we hope to collect dues payments from at least 25 members. If you signed up online please use the online store to pay your dues so we can add you to the PTA rolls.

Step 3: Amend the bylaws to allow remote membership meetings

Thirty days following that meeting we are able call a special meeting to amend our bylaws to permit membership meetings, elections, and bylaws amendments to be held remotely with video participation. Again we’d need a minimum of 10 members to approve. After that we should be able to meet safely and make plans and decisions as a PTA from the (relative) comfort of our homes.

I know all this bylaws stuff is probably annoying and mind-numbing but its important to get things right so that we can continue to operate and support the teachers and our kids. If you are able to help as a leader (even temporarily) I would really appreciate it.
Thanks for your attention and please let me know if you have any questions

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